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Hello! I’ve been on a long journey of education and growth and have stepped away from The Pilates Teacher Blog for the most part over the past few years. I’ve just earned my Master’s in Ergonomics and Biomechanics fulfilling a promise I made to myself when I was 17. That no matter how long it took, I would return full-force to science.

Before I post my first proper piece back here, I want to invite you to check out what I’ve been posting over the past month on Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShariBerkowitz
I have been and will continue to post daily tips on Twitter. Yes…every day. Maybe not every weekend…but nearly.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theverticalworkshop/
Weekly photos with a bit of info, too. However…since March has turned into a mat-a-palooza…I have been joining in on March Madness and have posted one or two photos on both Instagram and Twitter with different tips in each location every single day.

I invite you to check them out…
Dig into the tips…
Ask questions…
Share with friends…


I have much to share with you…even more than ever before! Having earned my master’s was a really life-changing experience for me. Broadened my perspective and opened many doors for me. My research skills are more refined than ever and my abilities to answer your questions and bring you toward new ways of thought and understanding are at the ready!

Check out Twitter and Instagram and then I’ll have a solid piece up here rather soon!


Workshops: www.TheVerticalWorkshop.com/workshops

2018 will be full of more and more live-streaming webinars and live-streaming classes. I have been doing Live-streaming work for years now and find it quite successful for the participants. Curious? Just email me and I will tell you about it. info@TheVerticalWorkshop.com or go to the Contact section and send me an email there!

EVERY DAY at your home:
The Music of Pilates
March 18 Webinar (with recording)
April 15 New York City, NY
April 27-29 Colorado Springs, CO
May 11-13 Seville, SPAIN
19-20 Atlanta, GA
June 22-24 Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL
16 Paris, FRANCE
July 20-22 New Orleans, LA
Aug 10-12 Boston, MA
Sept 21-23 Istanbul, TURKEY
Oct 12-14 Chicago, IL
Nov 2-4 Austin, TX
Dec 7-9 Venice, ITALY

(more soon to be posted with work online, recorded and in person)

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EVERY DAY at your home:
The Music of Pilates

Teacher Training/Bridge:
Atlanta, GA
Colorado Springs, CO (pending approval from pending approval with the Division of Private of Occupational Schools in CO.)


February 21-23 Atlanta, GA

March 7-8 Boston, MA

March 27-29 Geneva, SWITZERLAND

April 17-19 Pittsburgh, PA

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November 20-22 Ann Arbor, MI



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