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October 22, 2013 at 10:49 pm 3 comments

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A quick update for those who have expressed interest:

I’ve opened the first seminar weekend of The Vertical Workshop Pilates Teacher Intensives in Boston, MA and NYC, NY to anyone who would like the seminar even if they are not going to do the full intensive program.  It’s 3-days, 18 PMA CECs.  Here’s the information:


November 15-17, 2013 in Boston, MA, USA…and January 31, February 1-2, 2014 in NYC, NY, USA…

3-Day Seminar on Biomechanics, Biotensegrity and Biodynamics of the human body as a functional whole with applications to Pilates.
FULL BODY INTEGRATION with Shari Berkowitz
You’ve had a lot of continuing education, but none of it…none of it is comprehensive. I mean…you get a lot of information, but it’s all bits and pieces. Are you able to apply it all? Really? While the entire Pilates Teacher Intensives is to rectify this missing an essential element in Pilates continuing education, this first 3-day seminar “Full Body Integration” must be the basis for all that we do. What is your perspective on the human body? How much does it align with how the human body really works? How do you tie it all together with a true education and apply it to your actual teaching of Pilates? How do you take your education and make it all make sense?

In “Full Body Integration” you will learn the modern biomechanics: Biodynamics and Biotensegrity. Biodynamics is my theory of human physical movement and dysfunction. I am a biomechanics scientist and theorist in addition to being a Pilates teacher. I spend the majority of my time, in fact, developing ways for people to really understand how the body works at it’s best and help people return to their most able states why dysfunction occurs. Pilates is an exceptional method to return a body to health…but only if we understand how the body works and make sure what we’re doing in Pilates coordinates with that.

We will explore and study:
Biodynamics (by Shari Berkowitz) and Biotensegrity (by Dr. Stephen Levin)
Functional Anatomy of The Human Body with specific detail on:
The Spine
The Pelvis
The Shoulder Girdle
The Legs
we tie it all together…because we’re not just bits and pieces…we are organisms
Apply this knowledge and actions to Pilates Teaching…no matter what style you teach.
Your perspective is everything. Please let me guide your education and understanding with “Full Body Integration”.
If you can’t do the entire Intensives…come do “Full Body Integration”!

Register by emailing me at

It will be an amazing 3-day weekend!!!
– Shari


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3 PMA CECs for “The Music of Pilates”!!! Buttocks – Seemingly Every Fitness Person’s Favorite Subject…

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  • 1. John Steel  |  October 23, 2013 at 3:22 am


    I think I deleted my subscription when all I wanted to do was stop the posts on your disagreements should end piece. Can you restore me, please.

    Three chapters totally finished (1st draft) and moving along. i feel your supportive presence behind me…

    Doing my reformer here in the house 2x/week, at least. Take one pilates duo session at Bunny’s gym 1x/wk (he is really untrained although “certified”, but a nice guy), with the new slick Allegro IIs, so it is good to get out. Hiking – some tough ones – biking, studying French (wow am I bad!!!) and traveling – Venice & Marseilles, Paris coming up) for 2 day trips, so very busy.

    How are you doing?

    Love.. [image: image.jpeg] John

    *John Steel* 126 West Colorado Ave Telluride, CO 81435 970-728-1300

    On Oct 23, 2013, at 4:50 AM, The Vertical Workshop’s Pilates Teacher Blog wrote: theverticalworkshop posted: ” A quick update for those who have expressed interest: I’ve opened the first seminar weekend of The Vertical Workshop Pilates Teacher Intensives in Boston, MA and NYC, NY to anyone who would like the seminar even if they are not going to do the full i”

  • 2. anonymous  |  November 20, 2013 at 11:29 pm

    Quite expensive 🙂

    • 3. theverticalworkshop  |  November 22, 2013 at 12:42 pm

      It’s not actually very expensive when you look at how long it goes and how much each participant gets from it. This program is absolutely unlike any other program in that each participant will actually learn and integrate material that is 100% useful and exceptional. By that, my apologies, but most other programs are overpriced for what it is that they are giving. Often participants find that they can’t apply what they’ve learned and their time and money was relatively wasted. When I hear of people taking several certification programs…my heart breaks. That means they didn’t get what they needed in the other programs. Either the participant wasn’t aware enough to ask appropriate questions and ask for assistance in learning the way that she/he needs or the teacher trainer and program was not able to provide.

      It’s very clear to me what is necessary and what is not. At long last having my own program of education, I am free to share what is most important and how it is most valuable to learn. Of course, this is continuing education and not initial teacher training. Why that first? Because it would be great to bring current teachers up to speed and deepen their understanding so they can be as confident as possible…with true information rather than supposition.

      With that, The Vertical Workshop Pilates Teacher Intensives are likely underpriced. The 3-day seminars are equivalent to $40/hour. Rather low or typically priced for continuing education. It’s then 18 hours at $720. Of remarkable material that all need, but won’t get from other training or master programs. With that the 4 months of integrated and deep work we do in between is relative to $780 each 4 months. That’s not a lot. Not even $200/month. I’m really selling myself short. Will I reconsider and raise the price? No, of course not. The market cannot support…because so many other programs are overpriced for what they actually give.

      So…$40/hour for the seminars. And $195/month. Super inexpensive.

      Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share that information even more clearly.

      All the very best!
      – Shari


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