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Joseph Pilates and friends at Jacob's Pillow

Joseph Pilates and friends at Jacob's Pillow - photographer unknown

Welcome back or welcome to The Vertical Workshop’s Pilates Teacher Blog.  I often refer our colleagues to articles I’ve written here…which has encouraged me to post this list of articles I’ve written over the past few years.  Please peruse the list and see if there’s something you’d like to read…ask me to elaborate on any subject and then ask me for more!
And check out the info at the end about sessions and workshops in NY, NJ, Istanbul (Turkey), Chicago and more!
I’ll post a new article shortly, but thought this would be a good bit of reading for the week!
Just click on a title that resonates with you …if I did this correctly, it ought to take you directly to the post:
Again, please feel free to comment, ask questions, request a topic for me to write on…I welcome your thoughts!
August 6 & 7
August 6 – Margate, NJ – NJ YogaZone – Semi-Private Sessions from 11am-?
To register, contact Melissa at http://www.njyogazone.com
August 7 – Avalon, NJ – MindBody Pilates – Workshops:

Archival Mat & Standing Exercises

archival mat/standing

There are many more versions of Mr. Pilates’ exercises than we see today.  Many Pilates teachers have never been taught many of these variations, modifications, and combinations of multiple exercises in one!   Fascinating, challenging and all the rest!  These versions should not just live in the memories of those of us who had access to them years ago.  They ought to be living, breathing exercises for those who need modification or challenge!  Experience this material, then teach it so we never lose track of these great exercises!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

9:00 AM-11:00 PM


2101 Ocean Drive

Avalon, NJ 08202




Shoulder Girdle:  A Delicate Balance



The Shoulder Girdle is a complex system.  When I first started teaching, all I knew was “pull your wings down” and “crack a walnut”.  The more I study biomechanics, the more I know there’s very little down and no cracking.  It’s a delicate balance of bone, muscles, ligaments, tendons…and constant reassessing.  Dynamic Stability is what we’re looking for.  Let’s spend time studying where we’re going with the shoulder girdle and how to get there in Pilates. We’ll take time with anatomy and biomechanics, Pilates exercises, common ailments and all of your questions.  Take a moment to review what you already know before the workshop…then we can grow from there.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

11:30 AM-1:30 PM

2101 Ocean Drive

Avalon, NJ 08202
Shoulder girdle from Gray’s Anatomy.
Creative Spine Corrector

spineThe Spine Corrector is one of the most underused yet extremely versatle pieces of equipment designed by Mr. Pilates. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to transform your Spine Corrector into one of the most useful pieces of apparatus in your studio!  You will learn how to do and teach an entire flowing workout/ session on the Spine Corrector as well as how to use just a handful of exercises to enhance a full workout.  With over 40 exercises, there’s a lot to work on and discover.  You will also learn how to organize the exercises, how to position the clients on the apparatus and where to be spot and cue the exercises as the teacher.  It’s surprising how special and important you’ll find the Spine Corrector.

Shari Berkowitz teaching the Creative Spine

Corrector Workshop in Barcelona

     Sunday, August 7, 2011
     2:30 PM-4:30 PM
The cost of these 2-hour workshops at MINDBODY Pilates is just $80 each. Save $10 if you sign up for 2 workshops, $20 if you register for all 3 and $30 if you schedule all 3 by July 15.
To register, call 609-368-8700 or online click here
August 20-21
Istanbul, TURKEY
I’ll be presenting many workshops including:
Mysterious Aches and Pains
Pilates for Seniors
Pelvic Floor
Shoulder Girdle:  A Delicate Balance
Back Problems
a couple of mat workouts!
If you live in Turkey or nearby…or have friends who do…please send them to register and get more information at:
***Please share this information and tell your Pilates teacher friends and colleagues to come on over for workouts and workshops that will get your Pilates-teaching-juices flowing.***
Again, these are not your typical workshops where you might get 1 useful tidbit.  You will leave full of new teaching skills and ways to look at Mr. Pilates work.  You will have a new perspective on Pilates that will enliven your teaching and your own workouts!
Shall we set up something at your studio or the one you work at?  Clearly, I travel to teach and enjoy it!  Read below for more info!

Workshops in Your Studio:
If you are interested in my teaching workshops and/or semi-private sessions for your teachers at your studio, please contact me atinfo@TheVerticalWorkshop.com
I’ll be thrilled to put together a program with you for your needs!

While my vocabulary is classical Pilates, the principles behind my teaching and workshops apply to every style of Pilates.

We have countless topics to play with within technique workshops of classical Pilates and teaching skills workshop that apply to all!

If you’re in NYC and want a Pilates session e-mail me at info@TheVerticalWorkshop.com
And I’m at Purchase College (Near White Plains/Westchester, NY) on Thursdays.

If you’d like a workshop and/or semi-privates at your studio, e-mail me at info@TheVerticalWorkshop.com  I travel all over the world and would be thrilled to come to you!

If you’d like to set up a meeting on the phone or in person to ask questions about the teaching or building your business, e-mail me at info@TheVerticalWorkshop.com

Enjoy!- Shari

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