Pilates Teachers, what do you need?

November 12, 2010 at 10:30 pm 5 comments



Pilates Teachers, what do you need?

I’m about to begin writing an article on Continuing Education and would love your input.  Would you help me out by answering a few questions?

If you’re willing, please copy/paste the following 11 questions on an e-mail to me.  I could really use your help.  I want your voice heard.  Not just mine.  Please, don’t be shy!

E-mail me at info@TheVerticalWorkshop.com with answers to the following:

1 – What do you want from Continuing Education (CE)?

2 – Are Conferences and Workshops satisfying your CE needs?

3 – What works at conferences?  What doesn’t?

4 – What works at workshops that aren’t conferences?  What doesn’t?

5 – What do you think the hourly rate for a workshop should be?  What is it worth to you?  What can you afford?

6 – Are PMA credits important to you for a CE workshop?

7 – What would you like to learn in a workshop?  New exercises?  New skills?  Dig deeper into exercises and skills you already know, but now have a different perspective on since you’re a teacher and not an apprentice?

8 – Would you list 3 (or more) workshops you wish you could go to?

9 – What is the best day of week/weekend and time for workshops?

10 – What else would you like to share about CE?

11 – Would you be available for an interview on this subject?

Thank you!  Thank you!  I can’t express to you how much I appreciate your input on this!

*****Please check in next week for a post on how to deal with conflicting information from multiple sources.

If you’re in NYC and want a Pilates session e-mail me at info@TheVerticalWorkshop.com

If you’d like a workshop and/or semi-privates at your studio, e-mail me at info@TheVerticalWorkshop.com  I travel all over the world and would be thrilled to come to you!

If you’d like to set up a meeting on the phone or in person to ask questions about the teaching or building your business, e-mail me at info@TheVerticalWorkshop.com

– Shari

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