Creating a Holiday: Pilates Day Everyday!

April 30, 2010 at 11:29 pm 4 comments

Pilates Day Every Day! Shari Berkowitz teaching leg spings to a group of Pilates teachers in Montecito.

When I was in high school, I created the holiday Friendship Day!  It was born out of my lack of boyfriend for Valentine’s Day.  Because I was boyfriend-less, I was excluded from all Valentine’s Day fun, so I put together Friendship Day at Clarkstown High School South.  A day to honor our treasured friendships.  Why not?

A group of my friends and I advertised Friendship Day around school.  We sold red, pink and white carnations in the front lobby throughout the day to give to friends in our classes.  It was a lot of fun…honoring friendship!  I think we only did it for one year, but it was a stellar day!  Carnations floated all over the school and friends walked the halls with arms wrapped around each other!  Everyone was included!  Did it only last for one year because I had a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day the following year?  Probably.  Still, it was fun creating a school-wide holiday for one year!

However, it sparked in me something that’s been a question I’ve had at every holiday since:   Why should it only be 1 day when we honor our friends on Friendship Day?  Our love on Valentine’s Day?  Our Mother on Mother’s Day? Etc. etc.  Why do people put so much emphasis on holidays as special days when every day can be special and every day can honor all of these things?

So, here we are on May 1, 2010…Pilates Day 2010.  Pilates Day, the 1st Saturday of May each year.  It is a holiday for Pilates!  And why not?!  It’s a time to increase awareness on the benefits of Pilates, an opportunity for the Pilates and fitness community to come together and a chance to give thanks for this great method of exercise:  Pilates!

The value of any holiday is setting aside a special moment (entire day) to honor a treasured event, memory, person or tradition.  Pilates means so much to so many of us.  Let’s do set aside a day; however, I return to my earlier question:  Why should it only be 1 day when we honor Pilates?  Do we take time each day to honor it?  And how?

Do you walk into the studio each day and give thanks?  Each day, when you walk into the Pilates studio, please take notice that you have a gifted life.  Who of you have grandparents or parents even who have led such blessed lives?  I don’t.  I often think how fortunate I am to live the life I do when my family struggled to leave a tragic life behind in Eastern Europe…and now…their off-spring does what?!  Teaches Pilates?!  It’s fantastic!  Do you take time to consider your great fortune?

Also, you’re one of the rare people who actually does something she loves all day long!  So many people do jobs that are just that:  Jobs.  They are nothing but a means to making money to pay the bills.  We all need jobs, don’t me wrong.  We all need to pay the bills.  Of course teaching Pilates is a job and some days are harder than others, indeed, but…how wonderful it is that your job is teaching Pilates!

Remember, too, that Pilates is a workout for 55 minutes, but there are actions and concepts we can take into the rest of our lives.  Live a life of Pilates each day.  (Yes, there will be a big blog on this coming soon!)

Here are some ways that you can honor Pilates on a daily basis:

  • Read a little bit each day from Mr. Pilates’ books Return to Life Through Contrology and Your Health
  • Stay present in your body and mind teaching every session as well as all day long.
  • Use what you teach in each session on yourself whether during your practice or in the rest of your life.

Here are some ways that you can on a weekly basis:

  • Continue to study and practice the method as though you are a new student.  Take sessions, continuing education, review your apprentice notes, look at each exercise as though you are a novice.
  • Practice:  Give yourself 3 – 55 minute workouts each week.
  • Study the classical method of Pilates/Contrology to know what Mr. Pilates created.
  • Look at an old photo of Mr. Pilates teaching.  Search on line for a new one each week.
  • Figure out one question you have about Pilates each week.  Maybe it’s about the technique of an exercise, a concept, a cue, a client issue, an injury protocol.  E-mail me or post it here or on Facebook on The Vertical Workshop – Pilates page, I’ll blog and we’ll discuss!

There are lots of special events you can go to on Pilates Day!  Check out the PMA site for events they are involved in.  You’ll find a list at .  Of course, there are many other events going on all over the place!  Please drop word in the comment box about what you did this Pilates Day!

I’m going to spend this Pilates Day the way that I’ve spent every Pilates days since it started a handful of years ago:  I’ll chill out in the morning luxuriating over breakfast, do a little shopping and work out really hard in the Pilates studio!

If you do nothing else…at least do a 55 minute Pilates workout this Pilates Day!

Remember, drop me  a note in the comment box and tell me and everyone else what you did this Pilates Day!

****Thank you for reading!  As always, if you have any comments, questions, topics you’d like for me to blog about, please write into the comment section!  I’m thrilled to write and share ideas!****

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