Remember what it’s all about.

January 2, 2008 at 11:54 pm 4 comments

Remember what it’s all about.

It’s just Pilates…

We’re just teachers.  We’re just interpreters of Mr. Pilates’ genius.  That’s it. 

It’s not brain surgery.  It’s not astrophysics.  Sure, it’s not either of those things, but it is deeply interesting, beautifully specific, remarkably curative, fantastically dynamic!

It’s just Pilates…

Why do our clients come to us?  To exercise!  To feel better!  To look good! 

What do we need to do in the studio?  Give our clients what they need in terms of Pilates.  Who figures that out?  You…the teacher…the interpreter. 

Keep your through-line for the session.  Keep it about the workout.  It’s easy to slip in to just doing exercises while you talk about what’s been going on…especially now after the holidays…but work hard to keep the through-line of driving the workout forward.  And this goes for all levels at all abilities.  Never forget why you are there and why your clients is there:  Your client is there to exercise.

Sure, some clients need to talk to get through the hour.  Keep the through-line.

Some clients need to rest because of age, fatigue, pregnancy, etc.  Keep the through-line.

Some clients get so rapt in their issues; spinning in their “Stuff”.  Keep the through-line.

You’re not rude by keeping the through line.  You’re doing your job.  You’re teaching!

Remember what it’s all about.

Give your client a true workout at their level and you will have a satisfied client.  In order to build your business either as an employee or in your own studio or at a client’s house, the end-result better be a great Pilates workout that satisfies the client’s need for Pilates.

It’s just Pilates…but it’s a special hour…just for Pilates.


I wish you all a very happy New Year!  Enjoy 2008!  Work hard, play hard, don’t be afraid to ask questions, be open to the answers!

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